3 Sports Destinations To Experience With Your Kids


Many kids associate following and playing sports with their childhood, so it makes sense to want to take your little Kobe, Messi, or Crosby to see their heroes in person.

In the paragraphs that follow, we shall profile three cities around the world that are well-known for their sports pedigree, so no matter where you end up going, you and your athletic child will enjoy every moment spent cheering in the stands!

1) London, England

London is one of the foremost cities in the world, so it also follows that such an important city on the global stage would have a variety of sport leagues with games to take in and tournaments to attend. London is home to no less than six teams in the English Premier League, widely considered by most to be the best elite football (soccer) league in the world.  This includes perennial frontrunner Chelsea and Arsenal, both of whom do well in the standings each year.

Twickenham stadium is the home of the London Broncos, a highly competitive team in the sport of Rugby League.  This grinding sport combines the physicality and grit that one associates with American football, with very little padding and few stoppages in play during the course of a match.

Finally, if you are in the city in the early summer, be sure to catch the Wimbledon Championships, as the very best tennis players in the world try to best each other stroke for stroke on the most anticipated tennis tournament in the world.

2) Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Those that love American based sports will find every major one in Boston.  The Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League have been here for 1924, and in that time, they have amassed six Stanley Cups. They play a sport that ranks among the fastest in the world, with hits that are as spectacular as any that one can find in an American football game.

Speaking of American football, one of the better teams in the NFL in recent years has been the New England Patriots.  Led by star quarterback Tom Brady, every offensive down is one that will either be spent on the edge of your seat, or standing on your feet!

If basketball is your child`s obsession, taking him or her to see the Boston Celtics will be a day that they will remember for a long time.  One of the older teams in the National Basketball Association, the Celts are presently being led by Rajon Rondo, with varying results in the past few seasons.  No matter the skill of the team when you visit, nothing will equal the thrill on your kid`s face when they see a three pointer from well beyond the arch or an expertedly executed drive in the lane!

Finally, taking in a game at the deeply historic Fenway Park is a pilgrimage that must be made by any serious baseball fan.  Between his second or third hotdog, or when he sees his first live home run, you`ll bond on a level you never thought possible!

3) Sydney, Australia

Being situated on an isolated continental island has done more than evolve different species of animals … it has also borne a sport that is unlike any other in the world. Aussie Rules Football combines elements of rugby, handball and soccer to create a sporting experience unlike any your child has ever seen before!

Additionally, try to be in this city during the Battle for the Ashes, a vaunted cricket battle between England and Australia held once every four years.  Charged with emotion, the players attempt to hit a ball bounced in front of a wicket out of the reach of players situated all around the field. You can see how baseball originated from this sport just by watching the action, so be sure to point this how to your child as you sit there trying to figure out what is going on.

Your children won`t be children forever…

While seeing their favourite sports stars live aren`t a necessary condition to having a memorable childhood, following through on a trip like this will certainly help to this end.  No matter where you go or what event you end up watching, the thrill of watching the finest athletes in the world do their thing will be something that you and your children will remember for a long time to come!

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