5 Family Friendly Destinations in the USA


A long time bastion of economic strength and growth, going on vacation to the United States of America used to be an expensive endeavor.  However, with the onset of the economic crisis that started several years ago, the American Dollar has weakened, making a trip to the Land of the Free much more affordable than it has been in the past.

Furthermore, America has long been a friendly destination for children, due to its traditional cultural emphasis on the family.  As such, there are many places that are suitable for your kids to visit on a trip to the U.S.A.  Below, we analyse five such destinations, from one corner of this vast country to the other.  Those wishing a bit more structure have a wide selection of holiday tours in the USA to choose from as well.

1) Anaheim, California

Located in sunny Southern California, Anaheim is home to Disneyland, the granddaddy of all theme parks in the world.  Cut out of a humble orange orchard and opened in 1955, it was Walt Disney’s greatest gift to the world.  Today, enjoy a variety of attractions at this varied amusement park, from various areas that bring the Disney companies’ characters to life, to exciting rides like Splash Mountain that will supercharge your children with the joy and happiness that only this attraction can provide.

2) Grand Canyon, Arizona

Plunging downwards to a depth of 6,000 feet from the high plains above it, the Grand Canyon is one of nature’s most awe-inspiring sights.  Bringing your children to go hiking here is an excellent way to teach them how the forces of wind and water can change the landscape of the Earth over time, as well as simply showing them what is likely their first example of something that will provide them with a sense of wonder that tends to be missing in many of their peers these days.

3) Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming/Montana

Sticking with some of America’s greatest natural assets, Yellowstone National Park is also a good choice for getting your kids in touch with nature.  Here, the geothermal waterworks of the Yellowstone caldera is the star of the show, as Old Faithful blows its top almost every hour, on a very reliable schedule.  If you have children who adore wildlife, this place is also a great location to vacation in, as this park contains large populations of elk, bighorn sheep and bears.

4) Indian Rocks Beach, near Tampa, Florida

If you are looking to get in some beach time on your American adventure, then heading to Florida at any time of the year is a good choice.  However, many beaches tend to be overcrowded, and depending on the time of year, may contain activities unsuitable for your kids to witness (RE: college students on Spring Break).  At Indian Rocks Beach, located just south of Tampa, Florida, you can have the blissfully white sands that Florida is famous for, but without the crowds and unruly behavior.  Located on the Gulf Coast and in a small community, it is the perfect place for a beach break in the U.S.A.

5) Washington, D.C.

Want to show your kids where President Obama lives, and where the government of the United States runs the country?  Then it is imperative that you make Washington D.C. part of your itinerary.  Stroll along the reflecting pool at the National Mall, where Martin Luther King delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech, then go to the Lincoln Monument, where you can tell your kids about his role in abolishing slavery in this country.  Then head to the White House, where you can take a tour of the most vaunted presidential home in the world, made possible by submitting a request through your countries’ embassy in Washington D.C. when you arrive in the city.

America has a wide array of attractions that will captivate both you and your children.  No matter where you decide to venture in this great nation, there is something incredible in store for everybody in your family.

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