5 Things To Do With The Kids In Sousse, Tunisia


Ever since you took a break from your wandering ways to have the kids, you’ve been aching to get away to an exotic country.  So far though, all of your trips have been to stereotypically safe places close to home.

You know that the world out there is much safer than people perceive, having traveled a great deal of it in your youth.  Henceforth, the time has come to expose your children to the developing world at a young age, so that they will not grow up thinking that it is a perpetually dangerous place where marauders hide behind every corner.

You have been looking for a great deal to latch on to, and now you finally found it, booking round-trip flights to Enfidha via flythomascook.  While you are glad that your kids will finally see that the world outside the west is a wondrous and endlessly interesting place, you still worry about them getting bored on some days, so you’ve been looking for some marquee attractions that will entertain and educate them.

To help you find something to do with your children in the vicinity of Sousse, Tunisia, we have assembled a list of five exciting things to do for kids in this historic beach city.

Check them out below…

1) Aqua Palace

Though you will be visiting outside of the peak of summer, it still can get devilishly hot in North Africa throughout much of the year.  While playing in the ocean will satiate their desire to get cool, there is a much more interactive and exciting way to beat the heat in Sousse, and it can be found at the Aqua Palace. With a wide variety of tube, racer, and funnel slides, a lazy river, along with a wave pool, it will be a refreshing change of pace from yet another day on the sun lounger!

2) Hannibal Park

Despite the name referencing a not-so-kid-friendly movie, Hannibal Park is an amusement park that will break up days spent exploring the side streets of Sousse.  Young children will love the classic carousel, trampolines and the bouncy castle, while those seeking something a tad more exciting will take to Evolution, a centrifuge based thrill ride, like ducks to water.

3) Friguia Safari Park

A zoological park that has undertaken efforts to help recover populations of threatened species, Friguia Safari Park is a great place to go to introduce your children to the animals of the African continent for the first time. Lions, giraffes, elephants and even meerkats can be found here, making for an afternoon well spent.

4) Traditional Tunisian House

When the time comes to show your little ones the cultural highlights of Tunisia for the first time, take them to the Traditional Tunisian House when in Sousse.  This museum has preserved the abode of a well-to-do family that allowed it to pass into public hands with the passing of the last rightful heir to this property.  Most elements of the house have been preserved as-is from that time, making it a fascinating comparison opportunity for your children to see how some things in another country, while similar, also have some very interesting differences!

5) Great Mosque

Finally, save the most impressive attraction in Sousse for the end, as the Great Mosque will allow your kids to see what the house of worship of a different religion looks like, shattering any cruel stereotypes that they may have heard from others at school. Once they walk upon the elaborate tiles underneath the soaring arches of the interior, and see the sanctity of the inner sanctum outside of prayer time, they will gain a new respect for those that choose Islam as their faith.

Going against the conventional wisdom of your peers and taking the kids to a seemingly exotic country like Tunisia takes courage.  It is a laudable act however, as it will instill a sense of worldliness and tolerance in them, qualities that are in short supply in today’s world.

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