Activities for the Kids in Las Vegas


Around the world, Las Vegas is known by many as a Disneyland for adults.  True to form, the city offers many attractions that appeal to mature audiences, with plenty of nightclubs, gambling venues, and Broadway shows to go around for everybody.

But what about the children?

In case you had doubts, tourism operators in Las Vegas have indeed thought of the children, and as such, there are many things that kids will find entertaining in this city.

To help you in your vacation planning, we have sifted through a mountain of details and have compiled five unique attractions that your kids will love so much, that they will be begging to go back to Las Vegas not long after your vacation has ended. Luckily there are international flights to Las Vegas from all corners of the world and you can search them easily on sites like Travelbag.

1) Adventuredome at Circus Circus

Ranking as the largest indoor amusement park in the United States, the Adventuredome at Circus Circus has countless rides and attractions that will keep your children busy all day. Adrenaline seeking teenagers can drag their father aboard gut-wrenching rides such as the Sling Shot, Inverter and Chaos, while the younger ones will enjoy the smaller traditional rides like the Drifter Ferris Wheel and the Merry Go Round, among other smaller ones.  The whole family can reunite for an active match of laser tag, or for a smashing good time on the bumper cars, ensuring that this day out will be a memorable one.

2) Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Do your kids have a sweet tooth?  Is water wet?  Then take a short drive down to Henderson just south of the Strip and tour the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. Handmade and hand-picked into boxes to this day, this factory is a special place, making milk, dark, and white chocolate that you will eat slowly to preserve the experience just a little bit longer.  After sampling the product in the retail area, check out the adjoining botanical garden, which specializes in various types of cacti that are native to the area.

3) Gondola Ride at the Venetian

When the new Venetian Resort and Casino put gondola rides inside its indoor/outdoor canal system, reception on how it would go over with the public at large was mixed.  In reality though, guests have eaten it up, leading to such an overwhelming demand that additional gondoliers had to be hired.  The indoor ride takes groups through the shopping arcade inside the decadent interior of the Venetian, while the outdoor ride (subject to weather conditions) boasts stunning views of the Vegas skyline, especially at night.

4) Score! Interactive Sports Exhibit  

Families whose life revolves around sports will eat up this attraction, as not only does it have more than its fair share of sports memorabilia, it also allows visitors to simulate the life experience of a pro athlete.  Test your mettle in feats of athletic strength, speed and agility, and learn also about the science behind many sports. All in all, it is an excellent bonding experience for kids that play sports and the parents that cheer them on.

5) Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

A preservation and research habitat founded by famous magician Siegfried and Roy, this alluring attraction in Las Vegas is home to white tigers, lions, leopards and dolphins. Here, there are opportunities to interact with the animals, especially the playful dolphins.  Much of the money raised from this special place goes towards efforts to save endangered animal species, making it a unique stop on your tour of kid-friendly attractions in Las Vegas.

Despite first impressions to the contrary, Las Vegas contains innumerable activities, facilities and attractions that will entertain and engage your children in a positive way.  After your first family outing to Las Vegas, we are likely to bet that it won’t be your last!

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