The Best of Barbados for Kids


As far as Caribbean islands go, Barbados ranks among the very best for hot weather, swaying palms, clear waters and blindingly white sand.  This paradise is popular with jet setters, celebrities and commoners alike, all of whom seek a release from the pressures of everyday life back home.

For many people though, one big roadblock remains between them and booking their holiday here: will there be anything to do for their kids while they are there? The answer to this potentially deal breaking question is a resounding yes, as not only are there the standard assortment of activities that one would expect, but also a slate of innovative, high imaginative attractions that will have your kids begging to go back the next day.

To give you a sample of what to expect, we have selected three unforgettable activities within easy reach of Elegant Resorts that will delight you and your children to no end.

1) Welchman Hall Gully

Being located well within the Tropic of Cancer and getting its fair share of rain during the wet season, Barbados has an abundance of lush plant life located within its interior rainforests.  Welchman Hall Gully formerly used to be part of a plantation, but in recent years, it had been given over to native trees and plants, creating a robust environment hemmed in by  rock walls that used to be an enclosed by caves. While those that are fascinated by flowering plants will be transfixed, there are also green monkeys on the property as well, which will captivate your kids with their mischievous nature.

2) Cruise on a Pirate Ship (Jolly Roger)

Hands up if you’ve ever fantasized about being a pirate as a child. If this describes you and your kids, then you can actualize this wish together by going on a cruise on a pirate ship.  The Jolly Roger is an authentic galleon complete with crew garbed in pirate hats, rope swings that will allow for exhilarating entrances into the perfect tropical waters below, and a location on the ship that your children can use to make you walk the plank.  With refreshments and lunch provided, this cruise has all the hallmarks of a perfect day out.

3) Atlantis Submarine Tour

If you’re not ready to take your kids SCUBA diving just yet, you can still give them a preview of the world beneath the waves by taking them on an Atlantis Submarine Tour.  Day and night cruises are available to give your party a full view of what happens down there at different times, and the whole sailing is narrated to fill in any knowledge gaps, as well as to ensure that everybody is sufficiently entertained.

Barbados: A Kid-Friendly Tropical Destination

While much of the buzz surrounding Barbados extolls its virtues to an adult audience, it has much to offer the young and the young at heart.  By checking out any one of the attractions listed above, you will give your kids a holiday to remember in Barbados.

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