Best ways to experience NYC as a family

Visiting the Natural History Museum is one of the best ways to experience NYC as a family

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Plan on taking your flock to one of the world’s most prominent cities? If you want to make the most of your time on your upcoming trip to the Big Apple as a family, we have put together a few suggestions that will help your kids experience this amazing place in an engaging manner.

Splurge on business class tickets

This isn’t often done due to the expense, but if you have a bunch of airline points burning a hole in your pocket, it may be worth cashing them in on business class to New York fares will make everyone’s flight over the Atlantic much more pleasant than it otherwise is.

The larger seats, more attentive flight staff, superior food, and a wider range of entertainment all make this mode of travel superior to economy.

Most significant of all, the amount of available space will give your children the room they need to move around, staving off the fidgeting that occurs due to the lack of sufficient space back in coach.

Visit the Natural History Museum

If there is one institution of learning you and your children visit during your visit to New York, make sure it is the Natural History Museum.

Home to millions of specimens (though only a fraction are exhibited on the floor at any given time) which include fossils, reconstructions of dinosaur skeletons and a mockup of a giant blue whale, this generations-old space will capture the imagination of your kids within minutes of entering.

With halls dedicated to mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, human cultures, and the cosmos, you can easily while away an entire day here.

Best of all, admission is by donation, meaning you only have to pay what you can afford.

Drop by Toys R’ Us flagship store

New York City is home to many flashy store locations, as the wealth and cultural importance of the Big Apple have led many brands to establish a big presence here. Toys R’ Us is no different, as NYC is home to their flagship store.

Situated in Times Square, your clan will find a life-sized animatronic T-Rex, a three-storey tall Ferris Wheel, a large Barbie doll house, and even an ice cream parlour.

This place gets packed during the middle of the day, so drop by early in the morning if you don’t want to fight the crowds.

Have a picnic in Central Park

Fortunate enough to visit during the warmer months? Look into planning a picnic in the midst of Central Park.

The Great Lawn has plenty of space, but if it isn’t your scene, there are plenty of other spots in this sizable urban oasis.

Grab takeout from a number of quick-serve restaurants or food carts lining the edges of the park, or drop by a supermarket or bodega and put together your kid’s favourite meals yourself.

The important part is getting out in Gotham’s green spaces, and bonding as a family amid a divine mix of nature and urbanity.

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