A Child’s Guide To New Zealand


New Zealand is one of the world’s most lauded countries for tourists, considering its natural beauty.  Ever since the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and more recently, the Hobbit prequel films, its profile has only been boosted, raising interest in the land of the long white cloud.

Despite you and your partner’s desire to head to Middle Earth to walk amongst the peaceful, awe-inspiring scenery, you are still unsure about what this country has to offer for your little ones. Aside from taking in the landscape, you’ll want a backup plan in case the weather takes that option away, or if they start getting bored of doing just that (kids are famously fickle, so don’t discount that possibility).

While it’s possible you’ll be able to come up with stuff on the fly, we have found three activities that will keep your children engaged during their travels in New Zealand. Let’s learn about them now…

Learning About Kiwi Land Made Fun

While there are many outdoor activities to take part in within the vicinity of Wellington, there are some days where you might be forced inside by the elements.  On days like this, take to one of Wellington’s cultural highlights, the Te Papa Museum.

A ground-breaking learning institution that was commanded attention worldwide for its interactive displays, Te Papa chronicles the story of this small island nation on the southeastern edge of the world map (Antarctica notwithstanding).  Adding to its appeal is the fact that admission is free, making it a great way to spend an afternoon without killing your budget, which is very easy to do in New Zealand.

Walking Amongst The Penguins In Dunedin

Your kids just love the adorable flightless birds, having seen them dance happily on the big screen, and trundle around clumsily in a zoo back home.  Did you know you could see them in their natural habitat in New Zealand though?

Near Dunedin in the southern reaches of the South Island is a private nature reserve where guides will lead you through their waddling grounds near the coast, showing you hidden trenches where they live and breed.  The cute birds, curious of your presence, may come up to you, but try to avoid habituating them, as this place aims to boost their numbers and raise awareness of the issues surrounding the yellow eyed variant of this well-loved species.

Teenagers:  Ready For A Fright?

When you are in Queenstown, there are many adrenaline activities that your kids may be ready for, but others might be a bit too much for them at this stage.

The Queenstown Fear Factory may be a good replacement for not being able to go bungee jumping, as the frights are no small matter (little kids may want to avoid this place), as they aim to scare older teens and adults with their subject matter. We won’t spoil what horrors await you inside this insidious house, but you may want to pack extra underwear in your luggage just in case!

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