Enjoying Some Quality Family Time In Cornwall


With winter rapidly becoming a distant memory, comes the promise of warmer and sunnier days ahead. However, you mustn’t rest on your laurels just yet, as the time for sussing out the details of summer holidays is here now.

As such, you’ve decided that the plan for this summer will involve organizing cottage holidays in Cornwall, which is a development that your children are positively thrilled about.

While they are looking forward to it, you know that you will need to plot out some side trips and activities to keep them interested and engaged throughout your time in the countryside. Fortunately, there is much to do and see throughout Cornwall, which possesses no shortage of natural and historical sites that will stoke their imagination, in addition to other attractions that are just plain fun.

So get out the steno pad and get ready to jot down some serious notes (or you could just capture this entire post on Evernote if you’re with the times … whichever suits you best) so that you can remember all the amazing places where you and your kids can enjoy some quality family time in Cornwall.

For Rainy Days: Cornwall’s Crealy Great Adventure Park

While Cornwall’s outdoors has much to explore, trying to do so when it is pouring outside can be a miserable affair.  There will also be times when your kids simply aren’t in the mood to comb through another set of ruins, so when either this situation or the other occurs, it pays to have a backup plan.

One good standby is the Crealy Great Adventure Park, which is located in Tredinnick.  With a variety of wet and dry rides, a house where your kids can get a glimpse at a variety of reptiles like crocodiles and pythons, and a 45,000 square foot play area complete with a giant ball pit, there is plenty to keep your little ones occupied on days like this.

Walk amongst the former abode of the Knights of the Round Table

Over the years, you read them stories at bedtime concerning the exploits of King Arthur, his trusted magician Merlin, and his loyal knights.  While several things surrounding this legend are not 100% true, it is believed that Tintagel Castle was at one time home to a monarch known as King Arthur.  Located amidst a gobsmacking coastal setting, as the ruins of the keep sit atop a high ocean cliff, feel free to let your kids believe the stories, as they put together the former adventures of this revered king through the creative outlet of make believe.

A lovely day at Pentawan Beach

While many of your neighbours jet away from the British Isles to partake of beaches in the south Atlantic or in the Mediterranean, don’t feel bad about being left behind.  The beaches in Cornwall, especially those located in an area dubbed the Cornish Riviera, are no lightweights in the arena of natural beauty.  A classic example of this is quiet Pentawan Beach, a brilliant white sand beach with low coastal promontories at each end, granting it subtle good looks.  The beach’s authority has barred power watercraft such as jet skis, making this place a safe space for your kids to enjoy a leisurely swim without fear.

Cornwall: A quick and easy holiday getaway from the everyday

With a deft combination of history, child-appropriate attractions, natural assets, and proximity to urban centres upcountry in the United Kingdom, Cornwall is a perfect place to take your family for a relaxing holiday this summer.  No matter your interests, you and your kids are sure to find a way to make an entertaining and relaxing one indeed!

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