Essential EPCOT Attractions That Will Entertain And Educate Your Kids



School’s out for summer, and with a whole two to three months of freedom ahead for the children of the western world, there are variety of ways to spend these lazy, hazy, crazy days in the most enjoyable manner possible. Some will ship off to camp, others will band together with their best buddies and spend their time hanging out around town and making lifelong memories, and others still will take off with their families on an epic holiday somewhere far away from home.

With regards to the last suggestion, many families will fulfill their dream of visiting the home of Mickey Mouse in central Florida, which is Walt Disney World, located just outside the city of Orlando. Your family fits this bill, and with Florida Disney tickets for families being easy to access via the web these days, your time has been freed up to start planning your itinerary for when you arrive at this vaunted attraction.

While you have a pretty good idea of what to hit on the days that you’ll be dedicating to the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT is an unknown quantity to you. You will definitely be exploring this park, which focuses on global culture and the sciences, but you have no idea where to start, and more specifically, what attractions your kids will find the most engaging.

The following three attractions at EPCOT are geared towards kids and each focus on different subject matter, which will ensure that at least one of them will deliver an experience that the whole family will enjoy.

1) Spaceship Earth

Not to be confused with Space Mountain, which can be found in the Magic Kingdom, Spaceship Earth is the silver spiky dome that is the image that most people think of when they hear the word “EPCOT”.

Inside this geodesic dome, a 16 minute omnimover takes you through time, starting with prehistoric man, profiling the development of human civilization through to the present day. Afterward, Project Tomorrow educates on the issues facing the future, with games that entertain as they teach about energy efficiency, medical advances and more!

2) The Seas with Nemo & Friends

The world beneath the waves is an endlessly mysterious place, and who better to uncover them than Nemo and his school of fishy friends. Opened initially as the Living Seas in 1986 and renamed in 2005 after the immensely popular animated film, Finding Nemo.

An omnimover ride takes you on the mission to find Nemo, the Sea Base offers a large salt water aquarium where a wide variety of aquatic life can be viewed, and Turtle Talk with Crush features an animatronic representation of the popular turtle from the movie, who will answer questions from your kids about life in the ocean.

3) Test Track

Do your kids love cars? If so, your time will be well spent at Test Track, where you get to design your own car. After designing your dream ride, you get to “take it for a spin”, where a sim car responds according to your design specs. If this has you slightly concerned, not to worry, as it all take place on a fixed track, allowing your kid to have their first thrilling experience behind the wheel of a car they designed!

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