Experiencing The Cornish Coast For Less


You want to get away with your spouse and the kids this summer, escape from the frenetic chaos of Greater London and relax in the gentle beauty that the Cornish coast possesses in spades.  However, this beautiful corner of the United Kingdom draws countless other Briton families with the exact same idea as you.

Prices in the region have skyrocketed over the years, making the possibility of finding holiday homes in Looe, for example, seem like an expensive proposition indeed.  Don’t give up your dream of letting your hair down in the salty breeze of the Cornish seacoast though, as there still are budget options available for those determined to show their children the pleasures of this idyllic spot in the British Isles.

Follow us as we show you how to experience this area for less; from accommodations to food and attractions, you can have it all!


Looking at the prices for many rental cottages in the Cornwall area can make your head spin.  In order to grab one of the holiday homes that are at least moderately-priced, you often have to book many months in advance, making planning a veritable headache.

For those who want a base in the Cornwall region without sacrificing the lion’s share of their disposable income, renting a space in a caravan park like Tencreek Holiday Park can provide a great balance between the amenities that you get (full kitchen/living room/bedrooms), and the low price that you pay to receive them.


Along the stunning riverside promenades of downtown Looe, one can find many bakeries and small local restaurants serving favourites like Cornish pasties. For those looking to save a little money though, we recommend dining at the Jubilee Inn.

Here, you can find many lunch and dinner specials, like curry and fish and chips, offered for less than ten pounds per person, including a drink.  While you can self-cater back at your cheap holiday home, be sure to dine out from time to time – after all, you are on vacation!


While beaches are a popular draw on the Cornish coast, chances are you will all get bored lying in a lounger every day.  To break up your carefree days on the sand, be sure to check out museums like the Goal and Guildhall, featuring the history of the area, and castles further afield such as Tintagel, where it is reputed that King Arthur presided over the fabled Knights of the Round Table.

Don’t let budgetary fears keep you away from one of the favourite summer haunts in the United Kingdom. Refuse to compete with countless people over egregiously priced cottages and go the budget route instead. The clean and surprisingly well-kitted homes will surprise you, and you’ll have a comfortable place to call home throughout the duration of your holidays in Cornwall.

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