Family Friendly Holidays in Polynesia


While you and your family are enjoying the best weather of the year at the moment, remember: with the dawn of August, this means that the cold, dark nights of winter are but a precious few months away. We say this this not to rain on your parade during the most glorious season of all, but to spur you to action while prices and demand from your fellow vacationers are low.

Instead of cobbling together last-minute plans to escape the snow and cold, a practice that will allow travel operators to gouge a sizable piece of flesh out of your bank account, start thinking about where you really want go this winter right now, and save tons of cash in the process! With this in mind, you know that you’ve always wanted to explore the exotic islands of Polynesia in the South Pacific, but you have a young family in tow … do these isles contain enough attractions to keep your little ones occupied, or are these places best left to singles and the retired?

Happily, there are plenty of family-friendly attractions across this region, so don’t put off your desires until the nest empties … go ahead and enjoy some holidays in Polynesia now while giving your kids fond memories of that epic trip of a lifetime! Of all the options one has to choose from in Polynesia, we feel that the three islands below are best suited to handle families, while delivering that exotic tropical island experience that you’ve been dreaming about for ages.

Let’s discuss each of these paradises below…

1) American Samoa

One thing that you find out about these islands quickly is that they aren’t like more heavily trafficked tropical regions like the Caribbean or Southeast Asia. The natural environment here is fairly intact compared to other areas, and as such, they have been protected from future development by the authorities.

Thus, exploring the National Park of American Samoa will allow your kids to get into touch with the delightfully complex flora and fauna that call American Samoa home. Later, check out a Samoa Fiafia Night Show, which will delight them and you with the energetic cultural traditions that the native Polynesians are proud to display to visitors to their island paradise.

2) Cook Islands

Located within a short connecting flight from New Zealand, the Cook Islands offer idyllic scenes and family-friendly activities that will engage all in your travel party. The Aitutaki Lagoon is a snorkeling experience that will get your children hooked for life when it comes to aquatic exploration, while those seeking something entertaining on dry land will love Cocoputt on Rarotonga island, which offers a moderately difficult mini-golf experience for those seeking a break from the beach.

3) Moorea

While neighboring Bora Bora might be a touch too expensive for any family except the 0.1%, Moorea offers much more reasonable rates, while possessing much of the beauty of its overpriced cousin. There is much to do here that will appeal to your kids too, as local rides offer trips out to reefs where manta rays and dolphins gather, two experiences that will have your kids quite excited.

On days where you seek to explore the island’s interior, horseback riding treks will take the physicality out of the endeavor, allow your kids to bond with one of humanity’s best animal friends, and sample some of island’s best wild fruits, as your guide will no doubt introduce to you!

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