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Widely considered to be the New York City of Asia, Hong Kong is an intensely modern city that has a plethora of attractions for just about any person that visits this city state’s shores. However, does this urbane island possess enough diversions and points of interest to make a viable destination on your families’ travels?

Despite what you might think about frenetically busy Asian megalopolis, the answer to this question is a resounding yes! With a population numbering in the multi-millions, there are no shortage of local children present here, and as such, there are plenty of things available for them to do, and by extension, for visiting kids as well.

Of the many activities and destinations that you could undertake or visit however, some stand out more than others. The following places will likely succeed in entertaining your children if the standard sights are boring them to tears, so if you are coping with fidgety little ones, give the following options a try…!

Pink Dolphin Watching Cruise

While most think of a crammed and busy cityscape when one mentions Hong Kong, this state features many other islands and coastal areas that are much more sparsely populated. It is in these areas where the endangered pink dolphin frolics, away from the heavy boat traffic of the main harbour.

Guided boat trips can take you out to these areas, and while sightings are not guaranteed, a free cruise is granted until you successfully see the playful ocean mammals. Even if you don’t have the time to go on a mulligan cruise, the dramatically beautiful coastal scenery make this cruise worth the expense all by itself.

Ocean Park

If your child seeks more active pursuits than observing Hong Kong’s natural environment from a boat, then perhaps a theme park will be more suitable for them. With two separate areas linked by a gondola with mountain views, Ocean Park is a place that will fit the bill nicely.

Combining rides, an aquarium, a zoo and amazing views everywhere you look, this top 10 in the world amusement park will amuse kids of all interests and ages. From cultural and music shows, to adrenaline-pumping roller coasters such as the Hair Raiser, your family will find this to be true as well!

Hong Kong Science Museum

Are your children endlessly curious? Or is the infamously fickle Hong Kong weather weather driving you indoors? Then a trip to the Hong Kong Science Museum may prove to be a fruitful endeavour. Check out a model DC-3 plane, or have your kids put their driving skills to the test before they attempt to try them out for real in your ride back home. The energy machine is also recommended, as it demonstrates the true nature of energy and how it is transmuted to your little learners.

Endless Diversions Await Your Kids In Hong Kong

In all honesty, the exotic differences of Hong Kong versus many places in the West will likely have your kids transfixed from the moment that you touch down in this preeminent city in Asia. In case your kids do get a bit restless though, it is comforting to know that there are tried and true standbys ready to reengage them on your trip in this popular destination.

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