Girl’s Weekend Out: Best Ideas For A Mother/Daughter Trip


Going on trips as a family is a key cornerstone to helping your children see the world outside their home towns and cities, to form new experiences, and to stimulate their imaginations.  However, there are some experiences best enjoyed between fathers and sons, or in the case of this article, between mothers and daughters.  While some families would universally enjoy a trip to the spa, for the most part, the ladies tend to derive the greatest satisfaction from this sort of activity.

As such, there are several getaways that mothers and their little princesses would particularly enjoy, and this post will unveil them so that the females of your family unit can have some quality bonding time together!

1) Hello Kitty Café, Seoul, Korea

If your daughter loves all things Hello Kitty, then a dream trip for you and her should involve a trip across the Pacific to Seoul, South Korea, one of the hottest destinations in East Asia today.  Within the highly stylish neighbourhood of Hongdae is the delightfully pink abode known as the Hello Kitty Café, where all the treats are in the likeness of Hello Kitty.  In addition, there are many souvenirs that bear her likeness that you can purchase, solidifying your timeless experience at this iconic café!

2) Antique Hunting in the Hudson Valley, NY, USA

If you and your daughter are into creating beautiful spaces, then skulking about the Hudson River Valley north of New York City is a worthwhile endeavour.  In this amazingly beautiful region, there are countless antique shops that pedal furniture and other conversation pieces from eras spanning as far back as the 17th and 18th centuries.

You and your daughter can crawl through these atmospheric stores, looking for the thing that will make you both super excited to have back in your house, and after a strenuous day of combing these places for said accessories, there are countless cafes and restaurants where you can commemorate a day spent hunting for the next stylish thing.

3) Thai Cooking Course, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Do you both like to express your creativity in a manner that allows you to eat it afterwards, savouring your creation in differing tones of sweetness/savouriness/spiciness? If so, enrolling in a cooking course together is an activity you should pursue, and what better place to do this than in Thailand!  Famed for its balance between spice, sourness, sweetness and other flavour profiles, teaching your daughter this culinary discipline will give her a cooking toolkit that will allow her to dominate in the kitchen in the future!

It’s All About Spending Quality Time Together

While spending time together as a family is important, the time spent forging bonds between mother and daughter is invaluable.  By taking trips together, you can strengthen the family ties in a way that other activities can’t quite capture.   

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