Kid Friendly Activities On Holiday in Boracay


After halting your travels for several years to start your family, the little ones in your crew have grown enough for you to try introducing them to the exotic lands that Asia has in spades. One place that will prove to be an easy adjustment is the Philippines, as this diverse archipelago is filled with an extremely friendly population that either speaks English fluently or well enough to communicate throughout the country.

While you would have been content to wander from island to island in search of paradise prior to having children, this first trip after your period of maternity has you in a place where things are a bit more predictable, as Boracay has facilities to make your families’ first international trip a smooth and comfortable one. But once you get settled, the big question becomes: what exactly is there to do for your kids in Boracay?

As a well-established marquee destination in Southeast Asia, there is plenty to do, but in case the wealth of options paralyses you, we have come up with some options that will entertain your kids once lying in the sun and playing the water/pool has gotten a little stale…

In/on the water

Blessed with some of the most picture perfect tropical waters in the world, Boracay is a place where the kids will relish the opportunity to spend time enjoying its beauty. Aside from simply splashing the afternoon away in a bathtub warm aquatic environment, snorkeling will open up a vibrantly colorful world unknown to them before this trip, and riding the serpentine banana boat will turn a slightly wavy day into a thrill ride that will have them begging for additional rides all day long.

Learning to fly

If your older children / teens have a taste for adrenaline-soaked adventure, then taking to the skies will be a landmark experience that stay with them for the rest of their lives. Parasailing operators can be found throughout White Beach, and at many of the popular resorts elsewhere in Boracay. Soaring up to heights over 100 feet or more, they will get a look at what paradise look like from high up.

Building an epic sand fortress

In all of this effort to do extraordinary stuff on holiday, one forgets that pleasures can also be found in the simpler things. One such activity that may have flown under your radar is the fine art of sand castle construction. Built with buckets, shovels, or with your/their bare hands and a whole lot of inspiration, build a magnificent palace on the beach to rival the one in which you are staying, only to fall to the relentless onslaught of the incoming high tide, or the errant step of an inept backpacker … go nuts!

Boracay: a perfect place in Asia to take your family

With Boracay possessing the atmosphere of a proper tropical getaway, and the infrastructure of a place that has grown used to hosting travelers over the decades, this idyllic place in the Philippines is ready to host your family on its first outing outside your home base in the Western World. With all the pleasures that Boracay has, it certainly won’t be the last international adventure you embark upon as a family unit!

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