Kid friendly activities in Costa Rica

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Heading to Costa Rica on holiday with your family, but unsure of what to do with your children? The following kid friendly activities in Costa Rica will keep them engaged and entertained throughout your time in one of the most popular places to visit in Central America.

1) Walk the trails of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Costa Rica is a country of intense biodiversity, and given the fascination that most kids have with most species of animals, exploring this aspect of this nation’s identity is an absolute must. While much of the country has many places where you can go hunting for these guys, perhaps the best place to do this is in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

Temperate temperatures and abundant moisture support an expansive slate of flora and fauna, so keep a pair of binoculars at hand at all times. Throughout the park, not only will experience the peace of a dense rainforest and breathtaking mountain views, you’ll get to see frogs, flamboyant birds and lazy but oh-so-cute sloths.

2) Playing on the beaches of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast

Another draw card for traveling families headed to Costa Rica are its gorgeous beaches, which stretch out along its lengthy Pacific coast, and in a much smaller footprint along its much less indented Caribbean coastline. It’s beautiful and the Osa Peninsula is arguably the gem of it all, you may even want to rent a beach house on the Osa if you’re staying a while.

In places like Tamarindo, Jaco and Manuel Antonio, you’ll find long, sandy beaches perfect for sandcastle construction, and for your older kids, opportunities abound to pick up the zen sport of surfing on breaks that are forgiving to rookie mistakes.

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3) Soak in the Tabacon Hot Springs

While seeing the Arenal Volcano is a given on any traveler’s list when visiting Costa Rica, don’t forget to also swing by the Tabacon Hot Springs before leaving the area with your family. As much as adults like unknotting their muscles in hot water, kids love this novelty all the more. When you pair it with a stay at the attached resort, it will prove to be one of the better values during your stay in this country.

4) Visit the La Paz Waterfall Gardens

With all the rain that falls in the highlands of Costa Rica, and the volcanic rock making the water in rivers appear a stunning shade of neon blue in many places, you need to check out some waterfalls with your gang during your travels here.

The La Paz Waterfall Gardens is the perfect place to do this, as the power of its chutes combine with lush rainforest and wildlife sighting opportunities that will make for an experience that you won’t soon forget.

5) Peek into the crater of the Poas Volcano

While it is nice to look at volcanoes in Costa Rica, it is quite another to peer into its sulphury heart. Concerns surrounding safety are taken seriously here, as local authorities actively monitor their states to ensure when trips up to the rim are safe. Poas Volcano is one of the best places to visit, as its otherworldly appearance is located within an easy van ride from San Jose, making a great activity to start or end your time in Costa Rica.

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