Kid friendly attractions in Warsaw

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You have always wanted to explore Poland, as this Central European nation offers a wide breadth of history stretching back many centuries. However, you worry that your kids might get bored of this subject matter at some point during your trip, so you’ve been hunting for alternate activities to keep them engaged during your time in the country.

There are many kid friendly attractions in Warsaw, which is this nation’s capital city, so when you are there, you can be assured of having one of the following four activities at your disposal…

1) Copernicus Science Centre

Named after one of Poland’s most famous scientists, the Copernicus Science Centre has over 450 different exhibits that allow kids to interact with them in a manner that encourages learning and comprehension of various scientific concepts.

It is considered to be one of the finest hands-on science museums in all of Europe, so if you are looking for a place to trick your kids into learning while on holiday, this is the spot to do it!

2) Warsaw Zoo

When going from museum to gallery to historic district begins to wear a bit thin on your children, make time to head to the Warsaw Zoo, where they will get the chance to see and learn about 500 different species of animals from around the globe. There are a number of exhibits that are of specific note, from a 6,000 square metre enclosure containing four elephants, to a hippo pool and shark aquarium, as well as a house containing a variety of apes and chimpanzees.

3) Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum

Located within fifty kilometres of downtown Warsaw, taking a day trip out of this urban Polish centre to see the Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum will engender an interest in trains within your kids, as well as perhaps re-stoking your passion that you left untended so many years ago.

A variety of steam, electric and diesel locomotives are on display here, and with rides offered to patrons throughout the summer months, it may just end up being one of the biggest highlights of your summer trip to Poland.

4) Lazienki Park

If the weather ends up cooperating during your visit to Warsaw, you will likely end up spending a lot of time outdoors. Make the most of it by exploring Lazienki Park, as it offers a number of enlightening buildings for the adults, while granting kids the chance to see one of the wandering peacocks that roam the grounds, as well as squirrels, ducks and other cute animals that call this natural urban oasis home.

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