Making Travel Fun and Educational for Kids

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Almost everyone will agree that travel provides some of the best educational opportunities that can be given to kids. Visiting new places opens their world to different ways of life, new customs and cultures, and helps illustrate things they learn in school and books by showing it to them in real life. There are plenty of benefits for children to avail of from travel, but as kids will be kids, it is also important that they have fun while learning in order for the experience to hold their attention and make a lasting impression. Try some of the ideas below to make sure your kids not only have a good time, but also learn something new in the process:

Make sure the museums you visit are child-friendly

If you plan on taking your children to a museum, it’s best if it is geared towards the younger generation, or at least has programs that will be fun for kids. While taking them through a stuffy art museum might be educational, most kids will get bored very quickly, in which case they won’t learn anything anyway.

Most big cities will have a children’s museum with special exhibits and displays that are geared especially for kids so make sure to include them on your itinerary where possible. Generally speaking, these types of museums are interactive and fun, making sure that kids get maximum enjoyment out of the experience.

Explore some natural wonders

Kids love the great outdoors, so take advantage of this when planning a trip. Exploring the natural wonders of the world gives children a true insight into the beauty that surrounds them and the sheer diversity that’s there to be enjoyed. Many of the main tourist attractions from around the world have developed child-friendly activities and programs in order to make the area enjoyable for all members of the family.

Niagara Falls is one such example. As well has offering uninterrupted views of some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world, the area offers an abundance of fun and educational activities for children. With amusements parks, a butterfly sanctuary, Marineland, and exciting water activities such as boating and kayaking, a few nights stay in the area at is recommended.

Try new foods

Don’t overlook food as a way to teach kids about local cultures when travelling. Even if your little ones are picky eaters, there’s bound to be something they will like that they’ve never had before – regardless of what part of the world you take them to.

If you’re inland in a country, teach them about nutrition or agriculture and the different ingredients that make up the new foods that they’re eating. Near the coast? Teach them about the fishing economy in the town where you’re staying and its ties to the ocean. Another simple way of getting them involved is to visit a dairy farm and try some fresh milk or ice cream.

ALWAYS include games

What kid doesn’t like to play games? Not very many! Take this fact and use it to your full advantage. From high jumping in Cambodia and playing marbles in Vietnam to enjoying soccer in Bangladesh and cricket in India, every region has local games that kids can learn and entertain themselves playing.

Encouraging your little ones to get involved with such games will drag them away from their computer screens and allow them to immerse in the local culture in a way that’s both massively beneficial and fun for them – which is exactly the primary reasons why most parents bring their children travelling in the first place.

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