Outdoor Adventures In Cornwall That Your Kids Will Love


With the miserable dankness that defines winter in the British Isles slowly slipping away with each passing day, the outdoors is becoming much more inviting than it was.  Soon enough, the flowers of spring will envelop the land, heralding the approach of the summer season.

While this improvement in the weather makes for a more hospitable environment for outdoor activities, there is only so much you can do within city limits.  By planning family holidays in Looe, which is centrally located within the pastoral district of Cornwall, situated in the far southwest of the United Kingdom, a diverse range of options open up for you and your family to enjoy the very best outdoor sports environment in the nation.

What exactly can you do in Cornwall that your kids will adore? There are many things to choose from, but we think that they will enjoy the following three activities so much that any one of them may stand out as the highlight of their summer holiday in Cornwall.

Go Karting in Liskeard

If your children feel the need for speed whenever they are out on their bikes at home, then taking them out for their first rip on a go kart course is a natural progression in their passion for going ever faster. At Kartworld near the town of Lisekard, a large 800 metre long track grants plenty of opportunities for your kids to develop their cornering ability and their overall sense of the road, all while being kept safe by a professionally trained staff that has had an exemplary safety record over the life of this business.

Learn how to ride horses in the countryside near Lanreath

Equestrian sports are one of the disciplines that are seemingly engrained in the British psyche, so exposing your children to the noble steeds that comprise the heart of this timeless sport on holiday is a great way to give them a chance to develop a passion that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

You can take them out on an introductory ride in the traffic free country hills that define this part of Cornwall, and if they love it, there is the opportunity to sign them up for 3-5 day riding camps that will teach them the basics of how to handle, care and ride a horse effectively.

Riding the surf in Whitsand Bay

Situated in a quieter corner of the Cornish coast in the southeast of Cornwall, Whitsand Bay offers a golden opportunity for your children to discover the spirit-enriching sport of surfing.  With consistent but safe swells most of the year, this place is ideal for learning this art, as the forgiving breaks and professional instruction will ease them into surfing in a low pressure environment.

Cornwall: your southern U.K. gateway to the outdoors

Comprising almost the entirety of the rugged and rural peninsula that juts into the Celtic Sea, Cornwall is a world away from the harried lifestyle present in the bigger cities upcountry.  By getting your kids in touch with nature in this part of the U.K., you will be connecting them to a part of the world that will make them more aware of their place on this planet.           

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