Planning Your Big Fat Greek Family Holiday In Lesvos


As your kids have grown from little munchkins to intensely active children, planning a holiday for your family will have to include activities that will expend their energy, lest they start bickering amongst each other, turning what was supposed to be a relaxing break into an exercise in torture.

While you and your partner do crave that white sand beach with impossibly blue and clear waters, if it comes with little else to do but lie around all day, you fear that the latter scenario may come true. At the same time, many places organized enough to cater to kids often happen to also be congested tourist hubs that are far too grating for you to relax and enjoy yourselves.

An excellent compromise between these two polar opposites is Lesvos, where having beach holidays at the Lesvos Neilson Beach Club will provide you with the means of keeping the kids entertained when the two of you want to head out into the heart of the island to check out the cultural attractions, or whether you just want to spend some quality time with each other.

That said, there will be plenty of time when all of you will be together. Lesvos has plenty of activities and sights to see that will interest adults and kids alike, a topic that this article will discuss in greater detail…

1) Skala Eressos Beach

If snorkeling amid sea turtles is your idea of fun, then spending time at this beach is a worthwhile use of your time. After you have finished seeking out them and other creatures of the deep, taking a paddle boat out will allow you to enjoy the fun that can be had out on the gorgeous waters just off shore.  In the evening, films are shown outdoors, with films aimed at kids being screened on Wednesdays and Sundays.

2) Natural History Museum of Lesvos

Established to mainly tell the story of a forest that once grew here twenty million years ago, becoming petrified due to a volcanic event that froze this grove in its tracks, the Natural History Museum of Lesvos will fascinate your kids with the power that nature possesses. Other exhibits include a model of a tortoise that is as big as an automobile, and a variety of temporary exhibits explore a variety of topics that you will all surely find interesting.

3) Mytilene Castle

If your kids are older and have an interest in castles, checking out Mytilene Castle is an activity that they will eat up.  Once known as the mightiest fortress in the Eastern Mediterranean, this bulwark will allow their imaginations to run wild, as the ramparts and the views that they grant of the surrounding area will thrill them and you as well.

Lesvos: An underrated destination for kids

While many have overlooked Lesvos as a destination for families, the amazing facilities at the Beach Club and the activities and sights found through a bit of dedicated research make this a place where you can give the kids an entertaining holiday. Additionally, the kid’s clubs at Neilson will give you and your spouse a badly needed break from the grind, a hard thing to find in the family travel world these days.

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