Planning A Theme Park Road Trip In Florida


With summer vacation season rapidly approaching, Florida always proves to be an immensely popular destination, and given its long list of positives, it’s not hard to see why. With sandy beaches and an abundance of family centred attractions, this most southeastern of states draws in visitors by the multimillions per year, making it imperative to plan well in advance to ensure your bookings will be in place before it is too late.

After you book your Florida attraction tickets this spring, you caught a wave of inspiration that will ensure that your kids will have a vacation this year that will be one that they will remember with crystal clear clarity even when they have become fully grown adults. You have decided to plan a road trip that will take your crew from the Gulf coast in Tampa, through the heart of Florida in Orlando, and out towards the Space coast near Titusville.

For the benefit of other families that may be reading this right now, we will highlight some theme parks that they might enjoy in the destinations outlined above.  Let’s get going…!

Busch Gardens, Tampa

Built in style of an African wildlife park that has hallmarks of the 19th century in its design, Busch Gardens will delight you and your children with its many sections that showcase mammalian, reptilian and avian life from Africa in a humane and sustainable setting, as well as paying homage to the many cultural aspects of different parts of this continent. Additionally, many thrilling rides and roller coasters, including SheiKra, a dive coaster that plummets almost 200 feet at a freefall angle of 90 degrees at its hairiest point!

Universal Studios, Orlando

While many visitors seek out Walt Disney world when in the Orlando area, don’t forget about the other outstanding theme parks in the region.  One of these is none other than Universal Studios’ presence in Central Florida, which presents an environment which allows its guests to feel like they are in the movies while enjoying its many attractions.  Ones that are of particular interest to children include Shrek 4D and Transformers: The Ride, though there are countless other immersive attractions that may pique their imagination, so take your time to see what jumps out to them.

Kennedy Space Center, near Titusville

Being the locus of the American space program, the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island near the city of Titusville has been the source of inspiration to a generation of aspiring astronauts … if your kids are among them in this generation, then NASA’s home base is the ideal ending/starting point for your trans-Florida road trip.  All year round, a museum offers video presentations and artifacts to ogle over, guided tours take you to non-sensitive places within the complex, and viewings of rocket launches, while more sporadic, is a seminal experience that should be seen by your party if you can manage to fit it into your schedule.

Tampa to Titusville: an action packed route that will enliven your family this summer

Those looking to combine the thrill of hitting the open road with the delights of well-designed theme parks and attractions will find Central Florida to be an ideal fit for their family this summer season. With enough time allotted to fully enjoy each of your destinations and the ride between each of them, this idea will prove to be one of the best you have come up with for an exciting summer vacation.

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