A Terrific Family Vacation In Texas


In the grand state of Texas, the residents have a habit of thinking big in matters ranging from the businesses that they run to the homes that they maintain. So when you’re planning your getaway to the Lone Star State this summer, you will be doing your family no service in thinking small.

Texas has a wide range of experiences suitable for the entire gang, so don’t be shy: embrace your free time off with gusto, and check out as many of the following exhilarating experiences as you can. Carpe diem!

NASA Space Centre, Houston

While the rockets and space shuttles of the American space program blast off from Florida and land in the deserts of California, the brains of the operation reside in the city of Houston. They helped bring home the Apollo 13 astronauts during that trying mission in the 60’s, and they continue to coordinate space missions to this day.

In addition to the serious business that it conducts on a daily basis, the NASA Space Center offers a large variety of educational and entertaining activities that will allow your children to learn what it takes to be an astronaut, from feeling zero gravity, to having lunch with an actual astronaut, and seeing what the process of an actual mission to Mars will entail in the years ahead. Who knows, maybe they will be leading the charge to the Red Planet…!

Pleasure Pier, Galveston

While you won’t be able to board a rocket at the Space Center, you can do the next best thing at Pleasure Pier in nearby Galveston and ride roller coasters that do a great job of simulating the experience of blasting off into the wide blue yonder. Apart from the numerous rides that will give you an experience of what multiple G forces truly feel like, there are also tons of food options for finicky eaters (pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc) and shopping that will allow you to but your little rug rats the biggest rainbow lollipop they’ve ever seen in their lives!

Beach bliss, South Padre Island

While Pleasure Pier is on the Galveston waterfront, perhaps you and your kids are seeking something a little less hectic in your beachside holiday. If this sounds like your situation, then going all the way south to South Padre Island near the border city of Brownsville will give you a chance to have a vacation by the sea in a more peaceful setting. The key to a relaxing time here is to spend the extra cash to enter the Padre Island National Seashore, as you won’t have to worry about the yahoos driving their cars on the beach in unprotected areas of the isle.

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