Things To Do In Queenstown For Kids That Love Adventure

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No matter who you are, a trip to New Zealand is one that is often met with gasps and moments of quiet reverence towards the overabundance of natural wonders of which this tiny island nation has been blessed.

At some point, staring at the mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests is no longer enough, as many will want to embark on an adventure within this landscape in order to get to know it better. While this is well and good for adult travelers, those with families are a bit more hesitant, as they are more risk averse in a totally understandable reaction to keep their kids safe from danger.

While there are some activities that should wait until your children are old enough to make that decision on their own, there are things to do in Queenstown for kids that are tailored to give them their first thrills without putting them at undue risk for injury.

The following three outings will help you and your family to get the most out of the Adrenaline Capital of the World

1) Tour an authentic New Zealand farm

Start your Queenstown adventure with a fun cruise across Lake Wakatipu, which is the spectacular body of water that this special Kiwi city sits on. On the other side, disembark at an authentic farm, where your kids will get to tour a working farm in all its glory.

From sheep shearing, to meeting the ranch’s adorable sheepdogs, there is no shortage of interesting and fun things for your little ones to do. Finish off your time here with a spot of tea, or with a delicious BBQ lunch or dinner – the choice is up to you.

2) Have a match of Reball with the whole family

Have some older sons or daughters that have expressed interest in trying paintball, but are very hesitant to let me try just yet (from college excursions, you definitely remember how much it stings to get hit)? If you are in this position, start them off with a game of Reball instead, which is a lower impact game based on the same principles of Paintball.

Held indoors (making it a good rainy day activity), this game has plenty of cover available to conduct ambushes of fellow members of your party, comfortable in the knowledge that the soft projectiles from your gun won’t cause your game to end prematurally in tears.

3) Experience the backcountry of Queenstown in a kid-friendly atmosphere

Think you can’t get back into the wilderness around Queenstown now that you have a young family? Think again, as local tour companies have taken their usual offerings and tailored it to the needs that families with younger children have.

As a result of this, you can introduce them to the wonderful world of river rafting (on waters that don’t exceed Class II), and if they are too scared of the rushing water, you can still bike trails in the surrounding wildlands of Queenstown.

Either way, it is the perfect way to introduce your child to the wonders of nature, as they will be surrounded by it in all its beauty, color and motion on these tours.

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