Three Ways To Beat The Heat At Walt Disney World


As we are well within the month of April at the publishing of this article, spring is well underway, and the brutal memories of a polar vortex chilled winter are sliding into the abyss with each passing day.  While the blooming of flowers should be enjoyed as your just reward for putting up with being holed up in the house with the kids all winter, you haven’t forgotten that summer is just around the corner, and with that comes the need to plan for vacation season.

Having found some excellent Disney World ticket deals, you leapt at the chance to take your kids to the house of Mickey Mouse in the family adventure capital of America in Orlando.  However, you have just realized that heading to Florida at this time of year involves dealing with obscene amounts of humidity, with heat indexes soaring above 100 degrees Fahrenheit frequently throughout the long summer season here.

As a result, you’ll want to slot in activities that allow you and your kids ample opportunities to cool off under the searing sun of the American South.  To aid you in this endeavor, here are three ideal ways to chill out when you visiting Walt Disney World during the summer months…

1) Immerse yourself at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach

The ultimate relief on a boiling day in Central Florida involves a day at the water park.  Within the confines of Walt Disney World lies two such attractions – Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Blizzard Beach is themed around a “failed ski hill” that is in a perpetual state of melting, which results in those sailing along its lazy river to be soaked with icy cold water when passing through the “ice cave”.

Teens that meet minimum size regulations and their daredevil parents can also challenge Summit Plummet, one of the world’s most extreme water slides that will have you breaking the sound barrier with your hooting and hollering.

Typhoon Lagoon offers much of the same, with its central attractions being a coral reef with marine life (manta rays, colourful fish, and harmless sharks) and a wave pool that will toss you around like a boat at sea in a hurricane!

2) Ride Splash Mountain

On days when you’re not at the water park, you may still be feeling the heat.  If one of those days has you exploring the Magic Kingdom, a ride down Splash Mountain will wash away the sweat that can build up during your adventures here.

Wrapped around a classic children’s tale from the American South, this flume ride will entertain your little ones while chilling them out with torrents of water that splash up from the front of the coaster, especially during the ride’s marquee five storey drop over a waterfall.

3) Indulge in a cool treat at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

Sometimes, your attempts to cool your party off will need to involve your insides as well as cooling yourself from without.  In order to achieve the former goal, stopping by the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor will get the job done in style, as it emulates an old-style ice cream parlor.

You can choose to indulge in a float, a treat that dates back to the creation of ice cream, or you can have it in a tasty waffle bowl, adding the sweetness of a sugary edible serving container with the cooling effect of ice cream.

Stay cool at Walt Disney World this summer

Walt Disney World may be the stuff of dreams for you and your kids, but your collective enjoyment of it will be severely curtailed if you don’t take the time to seek relief from the punishing heat that Floridian summers can dish out.  Short of waiting for a cloudburst or thunderstorm, these previous three options will prove to be more than equal to the task.   

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