Top Amusement Parks in Orlando, Florida


When you were a child, there was one trip that you took as a family that you remember with crystal-clear clarity – the time when you packed up the car and headed for every kid’s paradise, Orlando, Florida.  In this town, theme parks abound, from those that feature famous cartoon characters, to those that host friendly sea creatures.

With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which parks will deliver the best memories for your children, and therefore, the best bang for your vacation dollar.  To remedy this situation, we here at Travel With Kids Guide has assembled our top 3 picks for amusement parks in Orlando, Florida that will make your family vacation the best one yet! Regardless your budget, there are plenty of ways to have affordable family holidays in Orlando.

1) Disney World / EPCOT / MGM Studios

Out of all the choices available in Orlando, this one sticks out as the obvious winner. The ultimate expression of Walt Disney’s vision for a park that would deliver the best possible experience for children of all ages, this complex of amusement parks will delight and entertain your kids in many different ways.  Meet Mickey and the gang at Disney World with younger members of your family, and then go for a thrilling ride on Space Mountain with your teenaged kids.  After, explore the world and the innovations of the future at EPCOT Centre, and then head over to MGM Studios to be exposed to the magic that goes into making movies.

2) Universal Studios

Expanding on the theme of movies, graduate from seeing how movies are made to living in them through the many rides available at Universal Studios.  Here, there are many different ways you can enjoy your day with your family.  Go on a selection of 3D rides, where you can experience what’s like to be a Transformer for example, or on a 4D ride, which can put you in the middle of Shrek’s world.  When the rides tire you and yours out, take in a show where performers such as the Blue Man Group entertain guests with their superior skills, delivering a premium vacation experience unlike any other you’d had in a long time!

3) Sea World

More than just an aquarium where you can see a variety of marine animals, Sea World is a theme park which features multiple attractions that not only serve to entertain your family, but also educate them in the process.  Yes, Sea World does offer performances that are conducted by well-treated and well-trained sea mammals, but they also offer rides, like the hair-raising Kraken roller-coaster, and an exhibit called Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, which profiles these cute, tuxedoed denizens of the Southern polar regions.

Orlando offers a plethora of theme parks that aim to thrill and entertain you and your family.  By spending your money at places that deliver the best experiences for your hard-earned capital, your chances of having a memorable family vacation in Orlando, Florida increase immeasurably.

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