Top Family-Friendly Activities in Madrid

Madrid is a great city for families to visit, especially during the summer when you and the kids can take advantage of the beautiful parks on offer. There are some excellent attractions just for little ones, too.

Now, before we get down to the fun part, just a word on the practicalities of booking a family holiday – it’s particularly important when you’re travelling with children to have suitable accommodation arranged. It’s sensible to not only look at the amenities on offer in various hotels, but also where they are in relation to the attractions you’re hoping to visit – Hotelopia has a good selection of hotels in Madrid to help you get started. Beyond this post and if you’re on a shorter trip, you may want to consider getting the most out of 48 hours in Madrid if you’re feeling ambitions.

Back to the question in hand – where should you go with your family when you’re staying in the city?

Location: Parque Comercial y de Ocio Alegra
Cost: €11-€15 (£9.50-£13) depending on the age of the child (adult entry is €6)

You won’t find anywhere better for kids than Micropolix, which is an amusement park that’s been designed specifically for children aged between three and 12 years old. The whole point of this attraction is to give little ones a hands-on experience through role play.

Micropolix is a replica city where kids can have a taste of real life, with children allowed to drive electric cars along the streets, try their hands at different professions such as fire fighting, design things using recycled materials or join in with games designed to teach them about the world.
There’s plenty of supervision here and if your children are over eight you can leave them at the attraction for a few hours while you do some other sightseeing or just enjoy a coffee at a nearby cafe.

Location: Avenida de las Comunidades
Cost: €19.95 for children aged three to seven, €25.95 those over eight years old, although family tickets are available.

If your kids love the natural world, you can’t beat Faunia for a wonderful family day out. This wildlife park is made up of 13 areas that all showcase different ecosystems from around the world, with the Antarctic, Amazon Rainforest and Mediterranean all represented.

There’s also a nocturnal habitat where you can see creatures that come out after dark, as well as the Beehive, where you and the kids can learn all about these fascinating insects.

Among the animals you can see in Faunia are penguins, salamanders, capybaras, meerkats, flamingos, pelicans, sloths, fruit bats, wallabies and lemurs, so there is a lot to keep nature-loving little ones happy here.

Aquopolis de Villanueva de la Canada
Location: Avenida de la Dehesa
Cost: €23.95 for adults taller than 1.4 m, €18.50 for children between 0.9 and 1.4 m tall, family tickets are available.

Aquopolis de Villanueva de la Canada is on the outskirts of Madrid but it’s well worth the journey as it’s one of the biggest water parks in Europe. This is a particularly good attraction to visit in the summer when you and the kids will probably want to cool off from the heat.

It boasts a range of slides that will ensure everyone in the family has plenty of thrills and spills. Among the most hair-raising rides are Splash, which is near-vertical, Black Hole, which features plenty of twists and turns, and Super Slide, a series of three chutes that have some terrifying drops. Younger children are well catered for as well, with a special kids’ area, as well as a wave pool and a lazy river that you can drift along together in rubber rings.


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