Top Family Hiking Trails in Canada

Whether you’re looking to take a relaxing family vacation that will give everyone a chance to unwind, or an adventurous trip that will have some excitement and education benefits as well, hiking is a great family activity that can offer fun for all members. Canada is full of National Parks and places to explore, but some are more family friendly than others. Here’s a list of the most family oriented regions for hiking that encompass all the natural wonder and scenic beauty Canada has to offer.

Canyon Sainte-Anne is a great trail that is not too physically demanding, and great for a first family outing. Just 45 minutes from Quebec City, this canyon is full of spectacular views, suspended bridges and breathtaking waterfalls. In just a few hours time, you and your little ones (or big ones) can enjoy some of Canada’s most beautiful scenery.

Located in the Canadian Rockies, Emerald Lake is one voyage that your family definitely doesn’t want to miss. One of just a few lakes in the area, trails encircles the region and makes just about every part of it accessible. When you visit Emerald Lake, you have a chance to hike through forests, coastal rainforests, as well as see Emerald basin and steep avalanche shutes. Short and sweet yet anything but plain and boring, this hiking trail is appropriate for all ages and skill levels/ Consolation Lake is another one of Canada’s family oriented places to hike. It’s a rewarding experience that doesn’t take too much effort to explore. Lots of wildlife and magical looking forests make Consolation Lake a great place to spend some quality time with your family.

Bow Summit trail is a great outing to consider, ending with the breathtaking Bow Summit Lookout. A two hour round trip that is approximately 4 miles.  This tail is great for all hikers, but you really need a whole day to explore its awesome wildlife and scenery.

Skyline Trail of Alberta is truly one of the best places for beginning hikers to start off, and Ward’s Falls is also a hike great for beginners or those with short legs. Both offer amazing scenery and not too much of an altitude change. A few other places you might want to try out are Jasper National Park, Gros Morne National Park. Both are full of trails that are ideal for families with toddlers and young kids. Many of them are less than a full kilometer, yet still have spectacular views and breathtaking scenery.

You really can’t go wrong when picking a fantastic hiking trail anywhere in Canada. The Country is so beautiful and serene that any part is welcoming. However, the length and level of skill required for these areas make them more suitable for family trips than some of the longer steeper trails that are sure to be your family’s destination once you all develop some hiking expertise!

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