Traveling with Peace of Mind: Four Important Items to Remember Before, During, and After the Trip


There is a lot of preparation that goes into travel (especially if you’re doing so with children). All the planning, packing, transit, exchanges, and the like can be quite maddening when it comes right down to it. One element we all want to be sure about is our safety when traveling but there’s more to it.

Having peace of mind about your trip starts before you head out the door. You also want to make sure you’re doing everything to stay safe during the trip. Lastly, you want to come home knowing it’s safe and nothing bad has happened which would ruin your good time.

These are six important items to remember for your next trip.

National Crime Rates

We’re set on where we want to travel because we hear all the stories, see the pictures, and read the experiences. We also know that these locations aren’t immune to violent crimes, but sometimes we get so stuck on the idea of going that we forget to really understand what dangers lurk ahead.

A good resource to use is the one provided by Nation Master (specifically the crime category), which gives you a run-down on the many different types of crimes and how frequent they are within a particular country or area. This item isn’t to dissuade you from traveling; it’s here to help you understand the risks.

Accessible Security Systems

A home security system is a wise investment if you find yourself traveling often or for extended periods of times. One of the cool, neat features now becoming available is the ability to monitor and arm/disarm your system through your smart phone or other mobile device  This option alone is enough to keep things secure while you’re out.

Learn more about the details of this feature at

Your Social Updates

We all love to talk about the big trip coming up. We all love to post pictures of what we’re up to. Our friends and family love seeing this. But you know who else likes peering into your activity? Burglars.

Tech-savvy, devious people can dig through social sites like Facebook, where profiles are sometimes open to the public, and source their next target. If they see that you and your family aren’t even remotely in the area it’s basically giving them a big green sign saying that the home is open and unprotected. Be mindful of what you’re posting on social sites. Don’t give away too much personal information that could lead to someone using it against you.


It’s hard to not stick out like a sore thumb when you’re in a new location because you can’t help yourself from all the excitement. You gawk at your surroundings. You’re overly friendly at times. You make silly mistakes because you don’t understand the culture.

Essentially you’re looking very much like a tourist.

This is okay, though, because the locals understand that others come to their location on travel. What you don’t want to do is stick out enough that you become a target for theft or exploitation. There are plenty of ways to stay safe while traveling but perhaps the best piece of advice would be to remain humble wherever you go. This is the idea that you observe and respect the culture, take in the sights, sounds, and experience, and participate with the locals without coming across as someone higher up on the social ladder.

Check your ego at the terminal. If you can remain humble while you’re abroad, you will be out of the sight of many people wanting to rip you off.


Traveling is a life changing experience but it can be ruined if you aren’t playing it safe. The world is big and vast. It has many different types of people, places, and things to do. You’re getting yourself into situations which may be out of your control. Learning about the country and adapting to the culture and locals will do wonders for you to travel with peace of mind. Having your home and possessions safe and sound while you’re out there having fun will also allow you stop worrying and take in the experiences with all your heart and soul.

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