A Winter Family Getaway in Grenoble


With the back end of winter approaching, the days are getting longer and temperatures more humane. The early darkness and frigid temperatures of the early stages of winter have left us behind, so for those who were driven inside alongside a roaring fire to cope with the worst part of this season, now is the best time to get out and enjoy it.

If you are looking to take your family to Grenoble, France this winter and you wish to do so cheaply, now is the right time to book ahead and secure yourself a great deal ahead of the busy late winter/spring skiing season in the French Alps.  If you are taking your young family with you to this well-regarded region, you may also be wondering how to best spend your time here.

To aid you in your planning, we here at Travel With Kids Guide have come up with three travel tips that will help you plan your winter holiday in Grenoble … let’s discuss them below!

1) Skiing at Oz En Oisans

While the French Alps may be an excellent place for the experienced snow shredder to tear up the freshly fallen snow, you may be wondering if the mountain resorts in this region are the right place for a family of potentially novice skiers.  While the answer can vary from area to area, Oz En Oisans, located a short drive from central Grenoble, offers many facilities and programs for families. They include Ski Kindergarten, where your young children will be taught the basics of skiing through fun games and activities, to physical activities for those who do not like the idea of skiing at all (offerings include trampoline, indoor climbing and snowball fights).

2) Musee Des Automates

One of Grenoble’s best museums is Musee Des Automates, and while it has many points that appeal to discerning adults, there is also plenty to like for those with rambunctious children. The biggest draw of this museum is its collection of automatons (hence the name in French). The one that you should make an effort to show your kids is the duck automaton, which apparently “eats and digests food” in the process of its motion.  This museum also has a eclectic selection of music boxes and barrel organs, making it an wonderful place to while away an afternoon.

3) Dinner at Le Dix Vins

One of the more anticipated events of a visit to France is one of humankind’s most essential of acts: eating.  The French have taken this basic activity of human sustenance and turned it into an elaborate affair, making meals that make people’s mouth water well before one consumes it.  The problem lies in the finicky eating habits of kid’s in one’s family.  Fortunately, a well-regarded restaurant by the name of Le Dix Vins offers an affordable yet delectable kid’s menu, with mains starting at an attainable price of 7€ per dish. Adults in your dinner party are advised to try the recommended Dauphin Ravioli filled with gambas (shrimp), as it exhibits the culinary prowess that the French have long possessed.

The French Alps Await  

As winter turns the corner to a warmer and sunnier place, the time to enjoy the great outdoors while the snow still lingers is now.  Even if you have a family to plan for, Grenoble offers much for those that have a bevy of kiddos in tow!


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